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 Random Spot ( Rules & Regulations)

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PostSubject: Random Spot ( Rules & Regulations)   Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:22 pm

All rules and regulations of Rpg City must be obeyed at all times. Here listed are the Random Spot specific rules:

Spamming - Blatant spamming to gain posts or credits is not allowed as per the site rules. In addition to this, posting up any form of code to enable access to free credits, posts or otherwise is not allowed.

Offensive Language and Behavior - If anyone is found being offensive or threatening, then they will be removed from the site as per the site rules. This is unacceptable anywhere on the site.

Swearing- Swearing can be offensive to some people, so I would appreciate it if swearing was kept to a bare minimum, and kept relevant to the thread it is in. I will be closely monitoring all threads to ensure that this is the case, and editing posts if they are found to have obscenities which are irrelevant and/or plain offensive. Members found to be doing this will also receive a private message reminding them of the rules.

Inappropriate Images - These are STRICTLY PROHIBITED outside the Mature section of the site, and if these are found on any of the off-topic threads, swift and firm action will be taken by Mods, Globals and Administrators. There are minors who access this site, and it is wholly inappropriate to post images that may cause distress, not only to the younger members of the site, but older ones too. Because this site is accessed all over the world, the laws regarding these kinds of images are different, so they must not appear AT ALL on this site, for the protection of members.

Re-using Old threads - If you are going to start a post for any subject in the Off-Topic section, then check back in the old threads in case there is one similar or identical to your own. This causes less clutter on the section, and revives old threads that may well have been fun in the past.

Threads of religion, beliefs and politics - This topics are out of bounds, do not discuss them. As it has been shown that these threads all degenerate into mudslinging contests that have no place on the forums, just causing anger cannot be debated rationally or sensibly. Any of the subjects listed above will only be permitted in the debate section. If you do not have access, read the thread posted in off topic and follow the instructions.

Attention seeking and self gratification threads - We will not have people starting whining threads, where users complain about this that and the other, beg for attention, throw little hissy-fits, etc. Cry me a river, but don't do it in our section. There will also be no more threads allowed simply for the gratification of the creator. In the case of 'invite only' threads, they are secular, and create cliques within the forum. This can and has upset others, and will not be tolerated.

An informal rule - If you see any inappropriate threads, pictures, discussions and anything against the rules, contact a moderator immediately. Don’t just hope someone else will. We cannot check every single post made in this section, so please help us out.

Notice -Please contact either of us if you have a concern, question or wish clarification on the thread you want to make that you are unsure if it is within the rules.
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Random Spot ( Rules & Regulations)
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