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 Soul Reaper Academy ( A school for beginner Soul Reapers)

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PostSubject: Soul Reaper Academy ( A school for beginner Soul Reapers)   Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:02 pm

Here are your basic's. Go to school, learn, kido, the name of your sword and great fight techniques. What ever it takes to be come a great soul reaper. So work you way up through the ranks an graduate into a tru soul reaper.

Location's in Soul society:

* Dorms
* Classrooms
* Cafeteria
* sparing grounds
* Kido chamber
* Briefing room

Year of Student

*1st year
*2nd year
*3rd year
*4th year

Dorm Room Feature's:

* Dorm room is a three bed room house
* Two bath
* Kitchen
* Living room
* Meditation area

Charater choice

* Spirt - you already live in the spirt realm and have decided to turn soul reaper
* Human - You come from the human realm to learn to control you soul reaper powers

Profile setup

Year of schooling:
Zanpacto name:

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Soul Reaper Academy ( A school for beginner Soul Reapers)
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